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Areas of Expertise

A highly experienced specialist in Japanese localisation, Kaori also possesses expertise in technical translation, creative writing and SEO analysis. She has successfully completed significant projects on behalf of clients in variety of industry sectors including medicine, tourism, manufacturing, software and academia. She has assisted clients both in house and remotely and has been invited to speak at numerous language industry conferences.

Localisation and Translation

Helping clients to find success in new markets, Kaori has managed localisation projects both large

and small. Her technical knowledge and communication skills enable her to work effectively with her clients to establish their goals and then bring them to fruition. Koari’s experience and insight enable her to recruit the right team to assist her in handling the largest projects and to complete her undertakings within the agreed timeframes.

Software and Apps

  • Social media sites

  • iPhone apps

  • Mobile content

  • User interfaces

  • Consultancy for social media businesses

  • Linguistic quality assurance (QA) testing

  • Instruction manuals and brochures


SEO and Social Media Posts

Kaori enhances the impact of digital content via regionally tailored SEO and appropriate social media posts. She also undertakes Japanese keyword analysis to ensure that her client’s messages reach the widest possible audience.

Linguistic QA and verification

Software testing and QA, Language verification
Variety of equipment and software instruction manuals and brochures, SAP-related translation


Tender / Test management

Help to win localization tenders, Translation test analysis and test organization for large project tenders by providing quick turnaround test. Starting from a selection of right translators and proofreaders. 

Academic content and technical writing

  • Psychology, philosophy and social studies

  • Journals and essays

  • Thesis

  • Literary translation

  • Clinical trials and related documentation

Industry and commerce


  • Advertising and marketing materials

  • Business correspondence

  • Instruction manuals

  • Web content

  • Song lyrics

  • Labeling and packaging

  • Video translation


Quality translation


Journalistic and newspaper articles
Business correspondence 

Advertising and marketing materials
Tourism and travel 
Music and music instruments


Proofreading and Quality Assurance


Kaori is skilled in auditing completed documents and content to evaluate the quality of any translation and localisation. Working on behalf of both commercial clients and language service providers, she ensures that all material is adapted to the demands of the target market while retaining its original character and impact.



Creative writing 


An experienced journalist, Kaori can write or translate newspaper articles, blog posts and a variety of online content to maximise its appeal. She is also able to review and amend articles to ensure that they are tailored to the Japanese market.



Workshops and talks 

IJET(International Japanese English Translation) conference, 2018 Ohio, Columbus

IJET(International Japanese English Translation) conference, 2016 Sendai, Japan

IJET(International Japanese English Translation) conference, 2018 Osaka, Japan

J-Net (ITI Japanese Chapter) Work Shop

memoQFest 2019 (Case Study) Huge alignment project nailed with memoQ 

Human Powered Translation Sessions (Sponsored by Word Connection) 


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