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Kaori Myatt

Your Japanese Localization Partner


Looking for a Japanese translation professional? 

Struggling to find the right translator for your project?

From small but urgent translations to large and complex assignments, Kaori can provide the professional expertise and timely delivery that you need. Assembling outstanding teams to tackle larger projects, she can ensure the successful management and completion of any assignment.



Managing Director of Word Connection SARL and based in Biarritz, Kaori Myatt is a renowned multilingual translator, published creative writer and mentor.

Born in Niigata, Japan, she holds a BA in Literature from Keio University and Masters in Translation at the University of Portsmouth. 

Kaori boasts more than 20 years’ experience in translation and language services. Her translations and editorial work have resulted in the publication of many successful apps, online resources and books.

Having translated and localised leading social media sites into Japanese, Kaori now acts as a consultant for social media businesses. Her technical expertise in translation and localisation extends to numerous industry sectors.

A significant contributor to the evolution and improvement of Japanese translation services, Kaori is now mentoring translation students at the University of East Anglia. She greatly enjoys guiding a new generation of language professionals. Her passion for her craft and her dedication to delivering the finest work have garnered her an enviable reputation.


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Japanese Translation


Terminology Management

Large volume translation coordination

Journalism and Creative writing 

Technical writing

Apps and social media translation

Interview and news coverage

Japanese Transcription

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